Create sign in access for employees

With Novo Retails POS & Ultimate subscription, you can have up to 5 employees (including you) per store to manage your business. These employees can have different access role based on how much access you want to grant and which areas you want to restrict. To know more about access role, please check out our
Configure Employee access role article.

To add sign-in access for Employees, please go to
Settings > Employee Setup
And click on “Edit” button of the Employee
Employee access

Now click on “Sign-in” tab and submit the email address and password of the employee. These credentials will be used by that employee for sign-in purpose.

You can also restrict the employee sign-in only from trusted network, meaning your store network so that this user can not access to Novo Retail POS system anywhere else. To restrict Employee access, type your store IP address in “Authorized Network” tab.
Please note, you should always restrict access of an employee when you are using real IP. If you restrict on dynamic IP, access for that employee can be restricted when the IP changes.