Create Sales order

To create Sales orders, you need to have products in your inventory first. If you haven’t yet added any product, please check the following article how you can add a product to your Novo store in less than a minute.
Add new item or product

To create a Sales order, please go to
Sales > Create Invoice
Create sales

1. Enter details of the Sales order
Customer: Select or add customer you are selling to.
Order Date: Select creation date of the sales order.
Due Date: Select the payment due date.
Processed by: Select the employee processed this sales order.

2. Now add products with by typing the product name in product search panel. You can adjust unit price & quantity when you are creating the sales order. You can also disable price changing for your employees if you wish to. Please check Employee Roles for more details

To complete the sale order, click on Add payment and enter the amount and click submit. You can also click on “Max” to fill the total amount of the sales order. Furthermore, you can also click predefined amounts usually set as currency notes.
Create sales1

3. When creating a sales order, Tax rate will be applied item wise. However, you can adjust tax rates manually if you want. Please note, if you adjust Tax rate manually, selected Tax rates will be applied for all items.

4. if you have a customer with predefined discount rate, discount will be automatically applied when selecting that customer. But you can also adjust discount rate by selecting a different discount rate. Please note, if a product is disallowed to give discount from product details, discount for that product will not be applied.