Configure Novo eCommerce Webstore

Your Novo eCommerce webstore can be configured as per your requirement so that you can have your own personalized store. Also your customers will get exact information of your business.

Enable or disable Category
You can enable or disable certain categories in your Novo eCommerce Webstore.
To enable or disable categories, please go to
Webstore > Menus
webstore menu

Now select Menus tab, and choose which categories you wish to publish on your Novo Webstores. Products from categories enabled will be only visible on your Novo Webstore. It is useful if you have too many categories but only wish to sale products from some particular categories through your Novo Ecommerce Webstore. Please note, if you disable a parent category, sub-categories will be disabled as well.

Choose eCommerce Webstore theme
You can choose multiple front end themes for your Novo eCommerce Webstore.
To change themes for your eCommerce Webstore front end, please click on “Themes” tabwebstore themes

Here you can see available themes for your Ecommerce Webstore. You can preview and choose any themes for your Ecommerce Websotre and change your Ecommerce webstore’s style just by selecting a theme. Rest everything is done automatically. It’s that simple.

Add information to your Novo eCommerce Webstore
You can have your own personalized information on your Novo eCommerce Webstore.
To change your Webstores basic information, please click on “Information” tab

Here you can have some basic information for your Novo eCommerce webstore.
Terms and Conditions: Put your own terms & conditions for your store visitors.
FAQ: Frequently ask questions and answers.
Social Pages: Add your business social pages.
About Us: Write something about your business or company. You have 4 text blocks on about us page, put your desired information on each.

Add Banners to your Novo eCommerce Webstore
You can add beautiful banners showcasing your featured products.