Add products to Novo eCommerce Webstore

To add products to eCommerce Webstore, you need to have that product in your product list. If you haven’t yet added the product, please check the following article how you can add a product to your Novo store in less than a minute.
Add new item or product

To add products to you Novo eCommerce Webstore, please go to
Inventory > Products
webstore products

Go to the product details page by clicking the edit button of that product from Action column.

Now select Webstore tab, and click the button beside “Publish on webstore” to publish the product on your Novo Ecommerce Websotre. You can un-publish/hide the product again from your Novo Ecommerce webstore anytime later by clicking this button again.

1. Upload up to 5 product images and select 1 featured image from uploaded images.

2. Enter details in “Product Details” block.
Title: Select product page title for the product.
Warranty: Select warranty period for the product.
Delivery Time: Select delivery time required for the product.
Selling Policy: Select either you want to stop receiving orders when the product stock is 0 or you want to sell products even when the stock is 0.
Weight: Enter the product’s weight. It will help you and your customer to have idea about the shipping charges.
Disable Review: Turn on if you wish to disable customer review for this product.

3. You can select product banners to highlight products as New arrival, Hot Item & On Sale.

4. Enter details for contents related SEO (Search engine optimization)
Keyword: Enter the focus keyword for this product
Meta Description: Enter meta description for this product. More Details

5. Enter product summary in “Summary” Block.

6. Enter product full description in “Description” block.

7. Enter technical details of the product in “Technical Details” block. You can add more details by clicking “Add more” button and enter the title and information of technical details. you can also hide a detail line by leaving the field empty.

8. Each product may have some related products that customers usually interested to buy together. Recommend related products by selecting products from “Recommended products”.